Today I was outside to relax a little bit and enjoy nature. Hope you like the pictures which coming soon.. 

Wish you a lovely day! <3


Photography by: kathrindragon

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/ Jane Goodall Institute

I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, so I made an alternative video about it. For all those of you, who can’t understand german, I want to briefly say what it’s about..

When I get tagged, I thought about this competition.. And I decided to spread my water into the forrest, not over me. And to donate my money to the Jane Goodall Organisation. Maybe some of you know her. She is a beautiful person and try to make this world to a better place to live in peace with nature, people and animals.

So please have a look at her and her work, its really for a good purpose. We have only one earth.

My Video

A link to the film about her life: Jane’s Journey

For all germans: Her website

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World hold on..

Es gibt Momente im Leben, da wünsche ich mir, es gäbe eine Stop Taste. Kennt ihr dieses Gefühl, wenn alles an einem vorbeirauscht als säße man in einem Zug? Einem alles zuviel wird & euch die vielen Eindrücke überrollen? Ich wünsche mir oft einfach mal auszusteigen & an einem Ort zu verweilen. Über eine Entscheidung länger nachdenken oder einen Moment zu geniessen. Hier im Jetzt zu sein heisst, in sich hineinhören & einfach mal zu fühlen, was da gerade mit einem passiert. Das von Zeit zu Zeit zu tun ist wichtig im Leben, um zu bemerken, wer wir gerade sind und wo wir hinwollen..

Dazu ein schöner Songtext


There are moments in my life, where I wish there is a stop- button. Do you know this feeling when time is so fast as you sit in a train? Everything is overwhelming and is too much. I want to escape sometimes to pause at one place. To think about a decision or enjoy a moment. To live in the present mean to hear yourself speaking from inside and to feel whats happening. Its important to do this from time to time, to remark who we are and where we want to be. 

A wonderful song about this topic: Songtext

Photography by kathrindragon

(Quelle: kathrindragon)