The perfect Garden

Kennt ihr diese Tage, an denen einem die Realität nicht mehr reicht? Es Zeit ist für eine Welt ohne Probleme & Sorgen? 

Ich habe solche Momente öfter. Wenn nicht ständig. Oft finde ich mich gedankenversunken wieder & frage mich, was jetzt eigentlich Realität und was Vorstellung ist.. Das Schöne an diesen Träumereien ist doch, dass man sie ganz für sich alleine hat & niemand einem dort das Herz brechen kann. Bewahrt euch das. Am Besten für immer. Verliert euch in euren Träumen & entdeckt neue Wege für euch. Die Kunst besteht einzig & allein darin sich nicht komplett  zu verlaufen, sondern anzufangen anderen Menschen immer mehr von eurem wunderbaren Garten zu zeigen. Dieser bedarf viel Pflege, und ab und zu müssen einige Pflanzen abgeschnitten werden, um Platz für Neue zu schaffen. Das mag Anfangs vielleicht wehtun, ist aber nötig, denn Leben ist Fluss. Ich bin gerade dabei meinen Garten sommertauglich zu gestalten, vielleicht probiert ihr es auch mal aus..



Do you know these days, when the reality isn’t enough? When its time for another world, without problems and worries?

I experience these moments a lot, maybe very often. Then I am finding myself musing and ask for reality and imagination.. The best thing in this day dreams is your loneliness, where nobody can break your heart. Keep that on. In best case always. Get yourself lost in your dreams and discover a new path. You only have the ability to not go astray, instead begin to show other people your wonderful garden. It needs much care and sometimes some plants have to be cut off to get some place for new. At the beginning, maybe it seems hard, but its important not to stuck at the same point. I’m up to do this at the moment, maybe you want to make your garden ready for summer..



Oh wow, yesterday I had a look at tumblr, there have been something with 900 followers. Now I’m so happy to see that there are more than 1000 people, who want to see my photographs.. I appreciate it so much„ thanks a lot! :)


Love yourself

I have seen a topic today on facebook, which I have seen some time before in another video. Normally I am very sceptic, because the advertisement always tries to convince us to buy their products. But in this case, the videos create something important: I begin to think about self esteem

I have to handle with this subject in my daily life all the time. At university, in books, or: at photography.

All of you may know this situation: You see someone, who is more beautiful, intelligent or something you wish for you since everytime. Society and later ourselves gives us a feeling of lack, to patch it with products. But the only thing, which helps .. you can find in yourself. In theory its easy to say. 

When I do pictures of people, who all say their unphotogenic, I always see the same process: Their eyes shine bright and they begin to see themself in another way. Because of this I am convinced that photography or other creative stuff is important to heal a broken heart.

So finally its all in us we need to love ourself, and no miracle product will bring you the solution. Its like a beautiful flower on a meadow, who is surrounded by 1000 of other beautiful flowers, and all don’t see themselves as a personal miracle.. until someone is coming and see them for who they are. I do the same with photographic, its like showing another person love in a technical way.

Have a look at the videos, they are on my facebook page. I don’t want to post it here, because I don’t want to advertise something. Its only the message for me, which is important.

xx, love

yours Kathrin